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The Hugger Mugger YogaPro Affiliate FAQ

What is the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program, and why should I join?

The HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program is a way for your company to make money by selling products offered by HuggerMugger.com. All you need to do is put HuggerMugger.com text links and banners on your site- and we'll even provide them for you. If a customer comes to HuggerMugger.com via a link on your site, you'll receive a percentage of any purchase that is made. We do all the work-fulfillment, shipping, and customer service... All you do is sit back and make money selling great HuggerMugger.com products!

How much does it cost me to join the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program?

It costs you absolutely nothing to join the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program. Just pick up our links and banners, read and acknowledge our affiliate agreement, and you're on your way. Just let us know if we can help. We can be reached at affiliate@HuggerMugger.com

How do I earn revenue, and how often will I get paid?

The HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program is based on a 10% commission rate. By leading your customers to HuggerMugger.com through a link on your site, you will earn 10% commission based on any sales that are made. You will be paid on a monthly basis, if your sales for that month are greater than $50. If your sales for any particular month are less than $50, your commissions will roll over to the next month. Occasionally, there will be opportunities for your site to earn higher commissions based on incentives and promotions.

Exactly how does the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program work?

The HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program is set up with the Hugger Mugger, LLC. The interface set up by Hugger Mugger allows us to monitor and track what is going on with the program. As a HuggerMugger.com affiliate, all you do is set up the HuggerMugger.com links on your site. Hugger Mugger allows us to keep track of the traffic driven by your site, the purchases that are made, and the commissions that you are earning. You drive the traffic, you get paid. We'll handle everything else.

What's in it for me?

Aside from the great commissions generated from selling our products, you can rest assured that your customers will be treated with the best possible customer service practices in the industry. Your customers are important to you... and we'll make sure that they're treated right. They will have full access to our first class fulfillment capabilities, our expert customer service representatives, and the assurance that their orders are being treated with the highest priority.

How do I know if my site is eligible for the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program?

Chances are, you're eligible. The only requirements that we have are that the site must not contain pornographic or sexual explicit material or any material that promotes hate, violence or illegal activities. HuggerMugger.com reserves the right to terminate any affiliate relationship that has violated these requirements.

How do I put HuggerMugger.com links and banners on my website?

HuggerMugger.com has created several text links, graphic banners and store fronts to place on your website. Once you are approved as a HuggerMugger.com affiliate, you will have access to the text links and banners we have designed. Check back every once in a while, we will always be adding more. We'll send you an email or mention it in our newsletter when we've added new choices.

Can I be an affiliate if I live in another country?

Currently, our Affiliate Program is limited to the United States. Of course, as we continue to grow, we will become an international program. We collect payments and pay commissions in US Dollars.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions about the HuggerMugger.com Affiliate Program, please email affiliate@HuggerMugger.com. We will make every effort to get back to you immediately with answers to your questions regarding our program. We want you to succeed as a HuggerMugger.com affiliate, and we are here to help... to answer questions, to give advice on placement, to share positive experiences, etc. Just let us know what you need!